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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers Article

Homeowners who are looking for more privacy turn to fencing. They not only offer extra security and privacy, but they outline the boundary surrounding a property. So if you want to invest in new chainlink fence installation, timely repairs, and other fence-related services, you need to find yourself a professional fence company such as Allentown Fence Repair. We can supply you with high-quality services and have listed everything about our company within this questions and answers article, which contains a list of services that we can offer you, in addition to what return you can expect when you hire them.

Why hire your company?

Our residential fence installation company has been providing the residents of Allentown, PA with precision workmanship at affordable prices since 2016. Our experienced fencing contractors have 30 years of experience and know everything about fencing. We use high-quality tools, products, materials, and high-end equipment, and have a reputation for being hard-working. Our attention to detail is well-known.

Does the company accept debit or credit cards?

No. You can only pay for our professional fence contractor services with a check or cash.

Does the company only offer its services to the residents of Allentown, PA?

No. Our fence repair company also covers Fullerton, PA, and the surrounding areas. Call us now to ask if we will cover your region.

Does the company only work with residential customers?

No. Although we mainly focus on residential work, we can also offer our excellent chain link fence repair and other services to commercial clients.

Is the company licensed?

Yes! Call us today if you would like the number for verification purposes.

Does the company offer discounts?

Yes! To our veterans and seniors, we offer a discount on all our services.

What services can the company offer me?

Please read the following list:

  • Residential Fencing

  • Fence Repairs

  • Commercial Fencing

  • Fence Installation

  • Fence Replacement

  • Railing Installation

  • Railing Repairs

  • Railing Replacement

Inquiries are welcome! To discuss any of our services in further detail, call us at the number we have included in the conclusion of this article.

What are the opening hours of Allentown Fence Repair?

We are available at the following times:

Monday – Sunday: 9 AM – 5 PM

This should more than prove our dedication to what we do and to our customers.

Are appointments necessary?

Not really, but seeing as we will have a lot to discuss, not to mention performing an inspection of the area that you want us to work on, which takes time, making an appointment would be prudent.

Can I get a free estimate?

Yes, and please check it against other bids that you receive. If you do speak to one that wants to charge you, no matter how small, be wary, or take our advice, walk away.

Does the company have current reviews back yet from clients with regard to the services provided?

Yes, of course! Our testimonial page should be next on your agenda if you want further information on our company.

In conclusion to this FAQ post; if you have enough confidence required to proceed and would like to make an appointment to discuss a fence or railing repair project, or if you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us today at this number (484) 695-6049 within our business hours.

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