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Does Installing a Fence Increase Property Value?

How a Fence Repair Boosts Your Home’s Resale Value


Installing a fence at home is done for several purposes. This can be due to privacy purposes or simply to enhance the appearance of your home. But for most homeowners, this is because this will serve as a primary form of security. If you have an existing fence in your property, you could also check if it already needs some repair. Regardless of the reason that you have to consider having a fence installed or to have your existing one undergo a fence repair, below are some of the ways that fences boost your property’s value:

Position of the Fence

Fences are initially created to give your property an added layer of security. It also gives you a sense of privacy and separates your house from your neighbor’s property. Although their purpose is usually functional, they can also be used for aesthetic aims. For instance, having a fence on the front of your property will decrease the curb appeal of your home. However, if you have it installed in your backyard, it can increase the value of your property.

Fence Repair ServiceFence Installation

Who and how a fence is installed will greatly affect the value of your home. For example, if you built your fence on your own, it might not be as robust and will very likely fail in the events of extreme weather conditions. Whereas if high-quality materials were used and it was installed impeccably and professionally, it will help the fence withstand weather elements such as strong winds, heavy rain, and severe storms.

Fence Maintenance

No matter what materials were used or who installed your fences, maintenance plays a big role in contributing to the increase of your property’s resale value. Even though the most expensive fencing material was used or a professional fence contractor set it up for you, without maintaining your fences regularly, they may rot over time due to termites or weather damage. So make sure you have yours maintained to keep it looking pleasing and new.

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4 Easy Steps In Doing DIY Fence Repair To Solve Wooden Fence Holes

How Do You Repair a Hole in a Wooden Fence?


It is quite common knowledge that wooden fences are susceptible to easy damage and environmental wear and tear. Hence, you can actually expect that these wooden fences will be easily damaged. If indeed, you are experiencing damages or holes to your wooden fences, you can actually fix it all by your own and perform DIY fence repair to remedy it.

If you don’t know squat to remedy the holes in your wooden fences, let these steps guide you to remedy it:

Inspect the Extent of Damage

The best way to fix damages in your wooden fences is to check first how severe it is. Check also how many holes there are in your wooden fences. This is to make sure that you can efficiently fix all the holes in it and no holes will be missed.

Fence RepairSand the Hole with a Coarse Sandpaper

Once you have checked the extent of the damage, you can now start doing the first stage of repair which is to sand the problematic holes with coarse sandpaper. By sanding the holes, you are making sure that the putty stays put. Take note, however, to wipe away the produced sawdust or dirt when sanding the holes.

Fill the Hole with Putty

Once the holes are prepped up and are sanded to perfection, start by applying and putting putty into the holes. Make sure to use a putty knife when applying the putty. Furthermore, do not forget to apply putty in the surrounding area for support.

Sand Again the Hole that Has Been Applied with Putty

Once the applied putty has dried, make sure to sand again the area as the last step in your DIY fence repair. Take medium grit sandpaper and even out the bumps and edges of the applied putty to even out the surface.


Signs Fence Repair is Not Enough Anymore

When Should I Replace My Fence?


Fence Repair and Replacement

Since the fence is exposed to the harsh elements of nature, wear and tear are inevitable. For you to enjoy the fence longer, you can coat it with protective materials. If you find any damage on the fence, having it repaired right away will extend its life. However, time will come when you have to choose between getting a fence repair or replacement. Here are signs that you would need a fence replacement.

Splinters on Wood

Don’t be deceived that splinters on the wood are just aesthetic issues. Since the wood is already exposed to elements, it will have more damage before you know it. A small splinter could become big in no time. If you see some woods that are already splintered, it is wise to replace them.

Holes on Wood

There are a lot of reasons a wooden fence will have holes on them. It could be due to pest infestation. If this is the case, you will need to replace the wood that has holes on them. See to it that the area will be inspected by a pest exterminator as well.

Leaning Fence

When the fence starts leaning over, its owner will usually try to keep it back in place. However, if there is a bigger problem, this is not enough. If there are two or more slats that are already leaning, a fence repair might not be enough anymore. It is wise to call a fence contractor to have the fence checked.

Boards Missing

If the reason you have built a fence is to secure the parameter of your property, a missing board is going to be a big problem. See to it that the board is replaced right away. That will not be enough though, see to it that the entire fence is checked because the entire structure could be compromised.

Too Many Repairs

If you end up repairing your fence every now and then, maybe its time to have the entire fence replaced. Check with your fence contractor what should be done with your fence.

Do I Need a Permit to Build a Fence? 

Why You Should Hire a Fence Contractor for Your Fence Repair Project


Putting a fence in your yard is one of the most effective ways to protect your property from any intruders. You can have peace of mind knowing that your kids freely play and wander around with your pets within your property. There is no need to worry about their safety. Are you one of the individuals who love to take on do-it-yourself activities or projects? When it comes to fence repair or installation, you must consider hiring a fence contractor.

Save Money

Fence contractors are the best people to work with when it comes to installing a fence around your property. Building a fence is easy. One cannot just build a fence anytime they want. You can be thinking or asking yourself right now why you cannot freely build a fence on your property, which is a valid question. As a general rule, one needs to get a permit before he or she can build a fence even if it is in his or her property. However, there may be some municipalities that do not require you a permit at all. If you build your fence without knowing that there are certain laws or rules on fence building, you might receive an order from your municipality to tear your fence down. When this happens, your effort and money can go to waste.

Save Time

What about obtaining a fence permit on your own? Just like building a fence, obtaining a permit is not easy but if you hire a fence contractor, they can obtain a fence permit on your behalf. Entrusting your fence installation to a fence contractor can help you save time, money, and they can provide you with quality results.


Should I Repair or Replace My Fence? 

When to Call Fence Repair Experts


Wood fences make a great addition to your home. It adds value, security, and privacy to your home, but most of all, their rustic look makes your yard more attractive. Wood doesn’t last forever and a wooden fence requires routine repair and maintenance to function properly and look its best. If your fence is falling, warping, or rotting, it must be taken care of, whether with total replacement and repair. In addition to being an eyesore, a broken fence will no longer provide privacy, can let in unwanted pests, or acts as a means of escape for a child or pet. If your fence is deteriorating, it can lead to the collapse of a much larger portion, leaving your garden completely defenseless. If you’re wondering whether you need fence repair or replacement, read this!

When to repair your fence

If your wood fence is still in good shape or new, seal it regularly to prevent decay, most especially if you live in a humid region. Often, the recommended schedule for resealing is once a year or whenever you see water soaking into the wood rather than beading on the surface. How will you know it’s time to repair your fence? Inspect it carefully from ground level – where rot usually begins. In addition to obvious holes and cracks in the wood, initial signs of stress include leaning, warping, splintering, and discoloration. If you notice any of these, fix your fence immediately to avoid further problems.

How to repair your fence

First, check the warranty terms and conditions to see whether your fence damage is covered. If your warranty’s nonexistent or expired, go ahead with professional fence repair. Fill small cracks or holes with wood filler or putty. Large-scale problems, like warping, are best-taken care of by replacing the damaged posts, panels, and boards. In either case, you’ll most likely want to paint your fence after the repair.

When to replace the fence

Your fence is one of the first things people see when looking at your home. Whether you’re having guests over or putting your house on the market, a rundown fence is a turnoff and gives people a bad impression. Your local association might have a rule requiring fences to be properly repaired and maintained because a broken fence makes the whole neighborhood look good!

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