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Common Fencing Terms That Used by a Fence Contractor

Common Fencing Terms Homeowners Should Know

There are a few fencing-related terminologies that a homeowner may want to be able to recognize since a fence contractor frequently uses them. Maintaining your knowledge of fence design terminology will help you choose the ideal fence design. While some concepts are simple to understand, others demand a little more thought. Common fencing terminology includes entrance gate, picket fence, and terminal post, but only some know their exact definitions. Learn more about a few fencing phrases that every homeowner needs to be familiar with by reading about them.

Entrance Gate

Different gate and fencing configurations may be referred to as entrance gates. Some individuals only use this phrase to refer to a gate that allows access to the property, but others use it more broadly. A gate leading into a courtyard or pool area might serve as an entrance. Pool gates can be aesthetically pleasing and practical in keeping your children and pets out of the pool while you aren’t watching them. Similarly, the gates and fences that lead into your property should be attractive and functional. Avoid picking a fence that is simple to scale if you want to keep intruders out.

Picket Fence

Though it is frequently built of wood, a picket fence need not be. A white picket fence can be a beautiful way to outline the borders of your property and has come to represent the American dream. Picket fences can be any fence that includes posts or vertical slats, even though they are often made of wood in this style of fencing. Taller pickets can create a privacy or pool fence, while smaller pickets that are evenly spaced can elegantly encircle a garden.

Terminal Posts

The purpose of terminal posts is to provide the stability that every fence requires. A fence’s end or a corner could both contain a terminal post. The stair posts are regarded as terminal posts as well.

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